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Anita Sinclair:

Sally has asked me to write a few words on why I enjoy playing with professional bridge players. My answer is twofold, mainly because I enjoy winning, but also because I enjoy learning. Professional players normally do nothing else except play bridge, therefore they know an awful lot about the game. They understand the mechanics of why some things work and some things don't and are normally eager to share their knowledge and understanding with you. A session, even in a local club tournament, with a pro, is well worth the money, especially if you use the time to extract the most information about what you did right and what you could have done better. In the five years that I have been playing bridge, I have played with a number of different pros, and they have never disappointed me - indeed the fact that after five years of bridge I have got to the level I am at is testament to their abilities. If you have never played with a pro before, try it out! I guarantee you'll end up a bit wiser.

Richard Bowley:

Having played quite a bit at school and university, I came back to bridge when I had a little more time and work and family life weren't quite so hectic.  I was keen to improve and started reading bridge books and articles and playing some club bridge, but felt that I needed to discuss where I was going wrong  and how I might improve further. I sent an email to Sally Brock on the off chance that she might recommend an online bridge teacher and she volunteered to do this herself. That was about four years ago and we now play most weeks. It has now evolved so that I play with a regular partner (Gerry) and she critiques our bidding and play. It is a very rewarding and challenging experience.

More recently, on Sally's recommendation, I have started playing with another bridge professional, Simon Cope, at the local bridge club and also at some congresses. He agreed to play my system and has also made a lot of recommendations on how to improve it. Typically, we play the session and he then goes through the hands afterwards and we discuss where I went wrong and what I might think about.

It is quite an extraordinary opportunity to play with such talented people and to learn how they think. As an occasional treat or as a more regular arrangement I would highly recommend taking a few sessions (either online or at a bridge club) with a professional. Or, if you are not careful, maybe three times per week!

Debbie Sandford

'Bridge can be really frustrating – in a game where 2 wrongs can often make a right, and plenty of people offer advice when they don’t know what they’re talking about, how do you ever improve?  Playing with a professional helps you get better much faster than you would otherwise.

Not to mention the fact that playing with a fantastic partner is great fun too.'

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