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Professionals FAQs

I live outside London and am not convinced there is enough of a professional bridge scene in my area to make it worth my while joining.

Our marketing plans are nationwide. One thing is for certain: if someone local to you wants the services of a bridge professional and you are not on the site you won’t get hired! The 3-month trial period should allow you to get a feel for what the response is going to be in your area.

What if I don’t find any clients?

Although membership of the agency comes with no guarantees, we do guarantee that we will be promoting your services via a national campaign in a way that hasn’t been done before. Your risk is reduced because the fee for the first three months is reduced.

I don’t want to play professionally, but I am an experienced teacher and could do with some more work. Can you help?

While it may be difficult to find untapped potential pupils in your immediate area, the internet has opened up a whole world of online possibilities. If you can offer online teaching, we can help you reach a much wider audience.

Should I charge expenses on top of the fee?

This is something you need to agree with your client beforehand. It would be normal for the client to pay the entry fee, but no other expenses for a duplicate. If you are playing in a tournament clients will be made aware that they should expect to pay for meals taken together, and hotel and travel expenses.

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