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Professionals For Teaching

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Yaniv Vax

Yaniv Vax - Professional Bridge Player

I am an Israel Bridge Federation Professional Bridge Teacher for about 20 years. My extensive teaching history has given me plenty of experience working with players of all ages and levels. I have started playing bridge professionally about 18 years ago, also starting my own Bridge Club in Israel which has been running for 12 years.

Silver medal at the World Junior Championships in Mangaratiba, Brazil. Silver Medal at the European Junior Championship in Cardif, UK Bronze medal at the European Junior Championships in Antalya, Turkey. First place at the Jewish Care Extravaganza tournament in London, UK.

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James Thrower

James Thrower - Professional Bridge Player

James is a popular choice on the London Bridge scene, he has a proven record as both a personal tutor/partner and as a professional teammate.

James has won many national events, his most recent pre lockdown successes include winning the national teams trials, and also winning the Harrogate Swiss Pairs with the youngest ever national tournament winner (15). He played for the England Mixed Team in the 2016 World Championships and is looking forward to playing for England in the coming year.

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Marc Smith

Marc Smith - Professional Bridge Player

Player, teacher, coach and writer. Marc Smith was a junior international in the 1980s and has been playing and writing about the game for the past 40 years. He is the co-author of the best-selling bridge book since the 1920, '25 Conventions You Should Know' and has twice won the American Bridge Teachers Association 'Book of the Year' award.

European Common Market Junior champion 1985. Represented GB and England at numerous European and World championship events. Winner of most EBU events. Coach to the Thailand Open and Junior teams prior to and during the 2008 Olympiad.

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Harold Schogger

Harold Schogger - Professional Bridge Player

Harold has been teaching bridge for 32 years. He opened his full-time bridge club in Hendon, London, in 1983, but since 1997 has devoted his time to teaching and directing.

He holds the Professional Teachers' Diploma from the English Bridge Union, and now instructs teachers for the EBU. He is an accredited EBU and ACBL director, and a Premier Life Master. He has his own website: www.haroldschogger.com.

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Liam Sanderson

Liam Sanderson - Professional Bridge Player

Started bridge young growing up in the Bakhshi family household a stone's throw from the Andrew Robson Bridge Club- I couldn't escape if I tried! Since the virus shut university and sent me packing back to London, I have been teaching and offering games online.

Two European medals at Junior European Championships (2017,2019).

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Lee Rosenthal

Lee Rosenthal - Professional Bridge Player

I started to play bridge 9 years ago, after giving up a "successful" football career. In 2013, I moved to London to be a full time professional bridge player.

Silver medal in the 2012 world championship in Taicang, China for the u-25 Israeli team 2nd place in the white house competition in Amsterdam. Memorable performance in the Cavendish Monte Carlo 2013 Many achievements in national competitions in israel.

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Steve Root

Bridge Professional

Steve has been playing professionally and teaching for a number of years now. After a hiatus from the game, he has come back with a renewed passion , both for the teaching and playing of the game we love.

Steve has won numerous events in the UK, and has also played internationally.

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Laura Porro

Laura Porro - Professional Bridge Player

Laura is a 28 y.o. EBU Professional Bridge Teacher. Her extensive teaching background has given her plenty of experience working with students of all ages and levels of expertise, in schools, clubs and privately. Furthermore, Laura has been playing for several years, at local, national and international level. Laura's aim is to help her clients improve their game and enjoy themselves. Laura always offers bespoke products, tailored to her clients' needs.

Laura has won several competitions at local and national level. She also qualified to represent the Scottish Bridge Women team in the Home International Series Lady Milne in 2013.

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Thomas Paske

Thomas Paske - Professional Bridge Player

I am 28 years old and I started playing at school in Hereford at the age of 12. Since then it has been a very important part of my life, socially and competitively.

Bronze medal in Rosenblum Orlando 2018. European Champion Istanbul 2019.

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Graham Osborne

Graham Osborne - Professional Bridge Player

I am based in Surrey but can frequently be found playing in London, National events and increasingly in international tournaments. I have given several teaching seminars and have recently joined the coaching team for the U25 and junior squads.

Recent successes nationally include winning the Gold Cup and the English Premier League . In 2015 I won the prestigious Spring-foursomes and the four stars teams at Brighton for a second time. Playing for the England Open Team I have won the Camrose three times in 2012 and 2013 and 2018. International successes include two bronze medals in the European Mixed Teams and most recently 2nd place in the NEC tournament in Japan in 2014, followed by a semi-final appearance in 2015. Wins in the last year Premier League 2017, Camrose 2018, Gold Coast Teams 2018, Spring Foursomes 2018

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Barry Murray

Barry Murray - Professional Bridge Player

I have been teaching bridge for over fifteen years. The favourite part of my week is teaching groups in the privacy of their own homes. This includes complete beginners, intermediates and improvers. I also play with clients in various duplicate sessions.

As well as many years of teaching, I have played professionally both domestically and abroad. I like to feel that I am kind, gentle and patient as both a partner and a teacher.

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Robert Miller

Robert Miller - Professional Bridge Player

Started playing bridge at 16 and have been playing ever since. Available for partner at club or national competitions or online. I am based in the midlands but can frequently be found on the bridge circuit.

Grand Masters Pairs Winner, Eastbourne Mixed Pairs Winner, Spring Fours Punch Bowl Winner.

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Dessy Malakova

Dessy Malakova - Professional Bridge Player

Dessy is a professional player from Bulgaria, who moved to live and play bridge professionally in London. Will be part of the Bulgarian Women team at the forthcoming European Teams Championships.

Dessy is Junior champion of Bulgaria and has had many good results both at home and abroad.

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Gary Hyett

Gary Hyett - Professional Bridge Player

Well known bridge professsional playing for many years with a broad selection of clients at home and abroad.

Runner up in Spring Fours with Geoffrey Wolfarth. Also won the Eastbourne Pairs with the same partner. Finally runner up in Gold Cup in a team with the late Ian Monahan.

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Jason Hackett

Jason Hackett - Professional Bridge Player

Jason has been playing at the highest level, often in partnership with his twin brother Justin, for more than 20 years. In 1995 they were part of the Britain team who won the World Junior Championship in Bali, and he hasn't looked back since.

As well as representing England in 5 European Championships, 3 World Olympiads (Including a silver medal in Beijing in 2008) and 1 Bermuda Bowl, Jason has won the Gold Cup four times and the Spring Foursomes twice. He has recently been selected for the forthcoming European Championships in Croatia, in June.

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Ben Green

Ben Green - Professional Bridge Player

Has been a bridge professional for the last eight years. As well as playing at club level and in national/international tournaments Ben also teaches, coaches and writes a bridge column.

Ben made his debut for the England Open team in 2014 winning the Camrose. He won the Spring Foursomes in 2012, the Gold Cup in 2015 the Premier Grand Masters Pairs and other national events. He is a regular winner on the national bridge circuit. Ben has both captained and coached the England Open Team. He also played for the England Junior Team taking part in multiple World and European Championships.

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Peter Goodman

Peter Goodman - Professional Bridge Player

Peter has played at the highest level for many years, enjoying success in winning most tournaments on the domestic scene as well as representing Wales & Ireland regularly. He also owns runs occasional seminars in central Dublin, where he teaches all levels of players with his Wife Aoife - who is also a multiple national title winner.

Peter has won the the EBU Schapiro Spring Foursomes on two occasions, Crockfords Cup & Brighton teams plus Irish and Welsh national titles multiple times. He was a member of the Welsh Camrose Winning team in 2012 as well as a silver medal in the commonwealth games. Until Peter moved to Dublin in 2013 he was a regular member of the Welsh national team for 25 years.

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David Gold

David Gold - Professional Bridge Player

David has been playing professionally for the last twenty years . Initially as a host at St John's Wood Bridge Club, and more recently as part of an all-star top professional team.

David has won the Gold Cup four times and the Premier League seven times plus the spring fours 3 years in a row in 2016, 17 and 18. Internationally, he has played for England in six European Championships, three Bermuda Bowls and four World Team Olympiads, winning a silver medal in the World Championships in Beijing 2008, bronze medal at the Europeans in Opatija 2014 as well as collecting bronze in the European Pairs in Tenerife in 2005. He has also won the NEC cup in Japan. He became one of the few Brits to have won a national in America in 2016 by winning the national board a match (partnering Probridge pro Mike Bell)

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Marusa Gold

Marusa Gold - Professional Bridge Player

Hi There! I am from Slovenia but now living in London. I started playing bridge in 2009 at the age of 22. The last few years I have been playing mainly in Slovenia and America but have also played a few tournaments in England. I have recently turned professional.

My breakthrough came in 2012 when still a junior I won the Slovenian Pairs Trials (the first woman to do so and only one other has done so since). Also, winner of: Slovenian mixed pairs 2015, 2016, Slovenian mixed teams, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, Slovenian Open teams 2016 and 2017. In England I won the Brighton Midweek Knockout teams in 2014. In 2016 I finished 4th in The North American Mixed teams Championships in Orlando but perhaps my best result came in 2015 when I won bronze in the European open championships in Tromso on an Anglo/Slovene/Zimbabwean women's team. We Knocked out the highly fancied Polish team on the way.

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Kieran Dyke

Kieran Dyke - Professional Bridge Player

I have played as a professional since 1998, both with experts on professional teams, and playing with clients. I have won and placed in many Australian national events playing in both capacities.

Over 30 (Australian) national championship wins, including the Gold Coast Teams (1996), Australian Open Pairs (2001) and National Open Teams (2005). Leading Australian masterpoint winner in 2002. Gold Grand Master status achieved in 2006. Bronze Medal, European Open Teams 2015 1st, Brighton Swiss Pairs 2015

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Catherine Draper

Catherine Draper - Professional Bridge Player

Catherine teaches bridge at clubs in the northwest and online.

Catherine's high spot was winning the gold medal in the World Mindsports Championship in Beijing in 2008, but she has also played a Camrose match for England and won many national events. She is a member of the English women's team, in partnership with Fiona Brown.

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Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch - Professional Bridge Player

Peter has been playing at the highest level for many years and has a particular interest in partnership coaching and system development.

Peter has won the Gold Cup on six occasions, the Spring Foursomes twice, the Premier League twice and the Crockfords Cup twice. On top of this he has represented England in several Camrose Trophies as well as a European Championship and an Olympiad.

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Simon Cope

Simon Cope - Professional Bridge Player

Simon has been playing bridge professionally at club, national and international level for more than ten years, playing with and teaching a variety of different standards.

As well as playing for England at junior level, and coaching and captaining the England Open team to a silver medal in a World Championships and a Bronze (since upgraded to silver) medal in a Europeans, Simon has won two Gold Cups, one Crockfords Cup and most recently his first Premier League (2021) - all in partnership with his long term partner Peter Crouch. In 2018, they also won their first NABC+ title, the Silidor Pairs at the Spring Nationals in Philadelphia.

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Gad Chadha

Gad Chadha - Professional Bridge Player

Gad has been playing bridge for over 25 years and has recently turned professional. He has developed a series of unique bridge programmes including a 'Self-Assessment' that helps players of all standards to improve their game.

His most recent victory was winning the UK National Pairs Tournament in 2013. In addition he has won many other local and national pairs/teams competitions including setting the 'World Record for playing bridge continuously' in 2003.

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Michael Byrne

Michael Byrne - Professional Bridge Player

Michael has been teaching bridge for over ten years, and teaching full time for the last 8. He runs his own teaching school in Manchester, and regularly plays, teaches and coaches players from all levels, whether they are starting out or reaching expert level.

As a player, Michael has represented England's Open Team many times, starting when he was 25. He has won the Premier League, the Camrose Trophy, the Lederer Invitation Teams Championship twice in a row, and reached the final of the Gold Cup while still a junior. He has also captained the England junior team to 2 World Championship finals, winning back to back silver medals at Under 20 level.

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Sally Brock

Sally Brock - Professional Bridge Player

Sally has been playing bridge professionally for more than ten years. She has a particular interest in the online coaching of both individuals and partnerships.

Ranked number five woman in the world, Sally first played on the British/English women's team in 1979. She has won three European and six World Championships. She is a regular winner on the domestic tournament scene.

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panja   - Professional Bridge Player

Panja is a Ph.D. Chemical Engineer from a top Indian institute. He learned bridge in 1977 when he played and won a duplicate match on the very first day! He has won many Indian National Championships. His primary interest has always been (and still is) in teaching how to play an easy and efficient game.

panja has won many Indian national championships. He wrote the Sunday Bridge Column in Times of India from 1993 to 2011. His book 'Easier Done than Said' (published by Master Point Press) was critically acclaimed. His protégé have represented India and won national/international bridge events. Panja commentates on BBO. His OKBridge rating in both MPs and IMPs was 66+ (roughly within top 1% of players).

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