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Mark Horton

Mark Horton - Professional Bridge Player


Mark Horton (b1950) has been the Editor of Bridge Magazine since 1995.

Chief Editor to the European Bridge League he works free-lance on all aspects of bridge. His collaboration with Eric Rodwell, The Rodwell Files, has proved to be a best seller on both sides of the Atlantic and his latest book (with Eric Kokish) The Rabbi's Rules charts his long standing professional partnership with Rabbi Leonard Helman.


Winner of many UK National Championships including Crockford's Cup, The Spring Foursomes, the Grandmasters Pairs & the Life Masters Pairs. Mark has won major events all around the world, including the Hoechst, the Dunhill Cup and the Polish Team Championship. He has represented England and Great Britain on several occasions. His infrequent appearances at the table are now mainly overseas, and he is currently looking for a sponsor for the ACBL Nationals.

Mark captained Great Britain's women when they won the Silver Medal in the 1992 Olympiad.

Other Information:

His main hobbies are: Reading, cooking, theatre (especially opera and ballet) old movies, wine, chess (he was twice British Speed Champion) & watching sport.?

He Is married to Liz Granato, and lives in Sutton Benger. He can always raise a smile, even in adversity, and has a fantastic sense of humour. Hair now vanished. Tall, and still reasonably slim!


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