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Kieran Dyke

Kieran Dyke - Professional Bridge Player


I have played as a professional since 1998, both with experts on professional teams, and playing with clients. I have won and placed in many Australian national events playing in both capacities.


Over 30 (Australian) national championship wins, including the Gold Coast Teams (1996), Australian Open Pairs (2001) and National Open Teams (2005). Leading Australian masterpoint winner in 2002. Gold Grand Master status achieved in 2006. Bronze Medal, European Open Teams 2015 1st, Brighton Swiss Pairs 2015

Other Information:

Happy to play in most London clubs, including:

Young Chelsea


Andrew Robson Bridge Club

Ace of Clubs

Richmond Bridge Club

Also resident in Oxfordshire.


  • Daytime Duplicates
  • Evening Duplicates
  • National Tournaments
  • International Tournaments
  • Online Teaching
  • Online Play


£150 per session of daytime duplicates.

Price Includes

I am prepared to go through hands afterwards.

Plays In:

  • London
  • Midlands

Preferred Club:



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