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Nicole Cook

Nicole Cook - Professional Bridge Player

Unlike many of the other professionals on this site, my bridge competence comes in the form of running events as an organiser and Director. I have been on the panel of the EBU since 2010, and can regularly be found at Club sessions,as well as County and National events. I provide technical competence in a fresh lighthearted way. I am familiar with Jeff Smith & Scorebridge, use Bridgemates/Scorers always. I thrive on coaching others to be great Directors, or simply enjoy their social game.

Events in 2014 I have successfully brought to players include: Play with an Expert (80 players with catering) EBU National Pairs Regional Final (160 players) Wimbledon Club Individual (40 players) In and Out London (20 players as a Virtual TD)

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Peter Goodman

Peter Goodman - Professional Bridge Player

Peter has played at the highest level for many years, enjoying success in winning most tournaments on the domestic scene as well as representing Wales & Ireland regularly. He also owns runs occasional seminars in central Dublin, where he teaches all levels of players with his Wife Aoife - who is also a multiple national title winner.

Peter has won the the EBU Schapiro Spring Foursomes on two occasions, Crockfords Cup & Brighton teams plus Irish and Welsh national titles multiple times. He was a member of the Welsh Camrose Winning team in 2012 as well as a silver medal in the commonwealth games. Until Peter moved to Dublin in 2013 he was a regular member of the Welsh national team for 25 years.

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Laura Porro

Laura Porro - Professional Bridge Player

Laura is a 28 y.o. EBU Professional Bridge Teacher. Her extensive teaching background has given her plenty of experience working with students of all ages and levels of expertise, in schools, clubs and privately. Furthermore, Laura has been playing for several years, at local, national and international level. Laura's aim is to help her clients improve their game and enjoy themselves. Laura always offers bespoke products, tailored to her clients' needs.

Laura has won several competitions at local and national level. She also qualified to represent the Scottish Bridge Women team in the Home International Series Lady Milne in 2013.

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