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Online Teaching - How It Works

There is more than one way to skin a cat! But here is one way to make it work:

Any number of clients from one to four log on to a table on a bridge-playing website such as BBO (www.bridgebase.com). If there are four clients, then the teacher is a kibitzer; if there are fewer than four clients, then the teacher plays and any vacant places are taken by robots (available to hire). All players are also connected by Skype (this is not strictly necessary but it makes things much easier). Then play takes place. The teacher can stop play whenever he/she likes and discuss whatever issues arise via Skype. The teacher would generally have an hourly rate that is independent of how many people played, but it would be more economical for the clients to make the numbers up. In some cases it might be possible for the teacher to bring together different clients of a similar standard.

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